Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 24

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8 Comments to “Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 24

  1. Liked this drama.
    Might not be the perfect, but it was very entertaining.
    First of all, this drama presented a different office, the one which is not commonly used in kdramas. It was refreshing to see how the branding team works.
    Second, the mystery element was done all right.
    Third, even though soul-switching is a pretty outdated thing, but still it was enjoyable in this drama as it opened the new personalities in the respective individuals.

    Watched some reels on Insta of this drama and straightaway binged it. Not a bad decision at all.

  2. The ending was definitely rushed. Idk it felt… too easy. If the ‘MAIN VILLAIN’ was just someone who needed a bit of nudging, her calculations wouldnt have paid off for 5 years. Do Yoo Mi also did a 180, like I understand her not being bad but not just falling into Naeons arms. They built it all up for 23 eps for this light of an ending? Idk this feels like a Disney high school movie ending

  3. Didn’t things get sorted a little too easily? I expected a bit more clash b/w Naeun and Min Hee jung.

    But all in all, I enjoyed the drama from start to finish despite it getting a bit draggy at the end.

    I’m gonna miss our soul switching couple, the underground 3-musketeers and our ‘ANYWAY’ Ceo Hwang.

  4. ahh today the last episode i’m gonna miss them so much 🙁

    “ i wanted your soul to destroy you” to “i will give you my everything including my soul” we’ve come a long way. still salty about the fact that the writer didn’t give us their lovey-dovey moments all along. i’m gonna miss them sm 🥺💖

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Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 24

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