Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 20

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13 Comments to “Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 20

  1. seems like naeon ain’t gonna repeat the same mistake…
    and for the candle case i think maybe that director framed her and eunho don’t know the whole story

  2. See I don’t want Na Eon to end up with Eun Ho or keep her position, she’s done nothing this whole drama to deserve the life she has. Who isnt desperate? Destroying, stealing, its all bs. She turned her back on the underdog team the second she could, I can see why Do Yoo Mi doesnt like her. They better give EH a good ending…. without Na Eon fr. See I dont want Na Eon to end up destroyed either, but she definitely doesnt deserve what she’s got

  3. I think NE wants to save the small CEO guy so he doesn’t end up like the gf of EH!! She wld wanna bring him to a safe place (since dir Han said to remove all evidence) or confront the big COY in a surprise attack. Based on previous comments, agree that prolly Dir Han was the one who stole the idea in the end while NE prolly changed her mind and tried to reach out to Bambi shop but it was too late cos the gf died in the fire.

    Also, for the masked rabbit perpetrator, I dn think it’s EH cos he was in NE body in coma when NE (in EH body) apprehended the perpetrator one time.

  4. i m sure Na eon has a plan in Eun ho’s body.. but why isn’t she coming clean abt it to Eun ho?!
    i really wished there was more of romance as the drama’s about to end.. i feel like the ending is very rushed.. 4 more eps for the drama to finish

  5. So, here is the thing. I don’t think Na-eon is responsible for the stealing Eun-ho’s gf’s concept. She is looking suspicious, but I think her idea was similar to that of Bambi candle and she burnt all details of that project to save herself from accusation of plagiarism.
    Somehow the director got hold of that project’s detail and used it to put the blame on Na-eon’s CEO who was later punished for some incident.

    Also, love this Jenny character.

  6. ok so she didnt do it butall of the blame was put on her which i could have expected tbh, considering the fact that that incident 5 years ago was a mystery even to her. cant wait to find out what her plan is going forward as eun ho

  7. Episode 20:I still think NE is not so evil as she looks, EH knows a part of story but the whole story…

  8. I think I watched this ep in only 10 mins like I had no intention to watch it for the story, Just watching it so I can finish it

  9. OK just started this episode, if they will turn her into victim or try to justify her I’ll be p@#ed, her character has no sense of moral and don’t care about what will happen to others, and I love that they have not changed it yet, she need to pay for what she did and not fi d a scapegoat to blame everything on, back to the show

  10. What exactly is Naeun planning to do bcz it looks like she does have a plan. She obviously is affected by the accident five years ago, otherwise she wouldn’t be having those terrors/hallucinations. But why isn’t she coming clean to Eunho?

    And that director Han is probably behind all of this. Maybe Naeun was actually oblivious and was sabotaged by director Han. That seems like the most plausible theory atm.

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Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 20

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