Everything Will Come True (2024)

Everything Will Come True (2024)


Other name: 다 이루어질지니 / Da Irueojiljini / Everything Will Come True / All Your Wishes Come True / It Will Come True / Дорама Все сбудется

Synopsis: “Genie” is a 12-episode drama about a spirit that resides in a lamp and is known for his intense and changing emotions. When a girl named Ga Young accidentally summons him, she is granted three wishes to fulfill her desires. As Genie and Ga Young navigate their unique relationship, they both learn to understand and express their emotions in a new way. Directed by Lee Byeong Heon, this drama explores the power of wishes and the complexities of human emotions.


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17 Comments to “Everything Will Come True (2024)

  1. Why are yall so hot and cold with Suzy? First you like her then yall say she can’t act its annoying

  2. You are fucking Blind if You don’t watch this drama your wish but don’t say any word for kim woo bin wanna I fucking kill you😂😂 he is not just a actor he is emotion. And also he is brave man you know he has diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. But he don’t give up. Fucking Vincenzo 😂😂

  3. I wonder if it’s an editing mistake or if Ahn Eunjin’s character in this has the same name as her character in The Good Bad Mother 🤔

  4. does anyone know when this drama gonna air? is it gonna be first half or second half of 2024?
    i cant wait any longer lol

  5. he is amazing! i hope you are able to warm up to him
    first I watched him in uncontrollably fond and the plot is similar to his real life – he had cancer and thankfully recovered but he’s a very strong person and actor!!
    also watched him in the black knight and he’s very charismatic

  6. I just wanna know what Ahn Eun Jin role will be about? And can I keep the director nim for myself he sexy

  7. Ive been a kdrama watcher for 15 years, I won’t say she can’t act but for some reason I choose to skip her dramas unfortunately they don’t hook me, but I probably will watch this one for Woo Bin and Eun Jin the latest have prove she can…I just hope she has a good character…..

  8. Oh, this guy is the ML. Ever since watching Inheritors, i get a bad impression whenever i see him. It might take a few episodes to change that, hopefully.

  9. Go back couple and uncontrolled fond couple being recasted!! I love when actors w good chemistry from previous dramas work together again. The plot sounds promising too

  10. Ahhhh omfggg I can’t believe they are reuniting after all these years 😭😭 PLEASE GIVE THEM A HAPPY ENDING THIS TIME! ❤️

  11. Those who say she can’t act are probably new kdrama watchers that are fans of newer/younger actresses, and are frustrated that they don’t have the popularity she has

  12. It seems like some people only think that leading roles are what it means to be an actor. like come on, she’s an actress let her act in anything, even if it’s not a lead part.

  13. firstly i respect your choice but it seems you watch kdrama atleast after 2017 so you seem dont know who is this man,my ultimate favourite kim woo bin..

    he was one of the most successful actor before 2016…and one of the key reason behind this is his role in the inheritors…koreans and the globe still remember his iconic choi young do….he really overshadowed lee minho,the most popular actor,in that drama that a vast audience like us who started the for lee min ho ended up falling for kim woo bin…..his character in china was so popular that he won most poular actor award that year in china…he is still one of the most poular korean actor in china..

    before his cancer diagnosis in 2016,he lead 4 films and 3 dramas and all of this was huge blockbuster….if he Didn’t take break for 4 years due to cancer,,you will hear his name as much as you hear lee min ho,kim soo hyun and song joong ki..

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