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  1. if you actually thought she was that dumb 😂👏👏❤️ well you’re wrong. The moment the sunbae showed up and it was revealed she’s repeating the cover up strategy, along w NE’s smirk, i knew NE was setting up the stage😏instead haha. Uno reverse!
    But man, i really thought she was a good person, she doesnt have that evil aura to me until it was revealed. Now i hate her haha. Will YM change her stance? Is what im curious about now.
    and the fact that the sunbae was behind everything else too. Wah~ she’s more evil than i thought. And did i miss it? Or was it not address if she was EH’s sister or gf (who died). the only ones we can count on, our loyal and chatty underdogs!😂❤️

  2. Jungwoo is nothing but an idiot.
    It’s very hilarious that his reason for trying to murder Na-eon was so petty. But then again, we can expect this level of pettiness from a very insecure person.

  3. So the sunbae is revealing herself (that too with full force) just like that?? Without Naeun even confronting her yet? Seems like they’re trying to rush the ending here.

    Does Jungwoo really believe his stupid excuse of a reason to literally almost kill her is justifiable in any way?

  4. this suddenly seem rushed and to think they wasted 22 eps siding the main plot and now they’re rushing i want more of naeun’s revenge seriously

  5. these people are all aholes and his reason was just sooooo ughhhh he never would have had a chance with her anyways but doing that just sealed his fate what an idiot lol

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Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 23

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