16 Best Kim Soo Hyun Dramas & Movies on Kissasian

Anyone else is looking forward to Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming drama, ‘Queen of Tears’? Premiering this March, it promises an emotional rollercoaster as the actor reunites with the talented Kim Ji-won. As we await this exciting new chapter in his career, let’s rewind and revisit 16 of Kim Soo Hyun’s K-dramas and movies you can watch on Kissasian, showcasing his versatility as a scene-stealing actor!

Note: The list is in order of release date.

1.Queen of Tears (2024)

The story follows Baek Hyun Woo, a highly respected member of the village of Yongduri, and Hong Hae In, a wealthy heiress of the Queens Group’s department stores. Despite facing numerous challenges, the married couple remains strong and their love story is filled with miracles, excitement, and humor. “Queen of Tears” portrays their journey of overcoming a crisis and staying together against all odds.

Release date: March 09, 2024

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Park Sung Hoon

2.One Ordinary Day (2021)

One Ordinary Day (2021) poster

A college student, Hyun Soo, is accused of murder and seeks help from inexperienced lawyer, Shin Joong Han. As they navigate the criminal justice system, both of their lives are changed forever.

Release date: November 27, 2021

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Law, Crime


3.It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)


Moon Gang Tae, a community health worker at a psychiatric ward, possesses various desirable qualities such as physical prowess, intelligence, empathy, patience, and quick reflexes. In contrast, Ko Moon Young, a renowned children’s book author, appears to be self-centered, haughty, and impolite due to her antisocial personality disorder. Despite their differences, the two eventually develop romantic feelings for each other and discover their true selves and purpose through their love.

Release date: June 20, 2020

Genres: Psychological, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Yea Ji, Oh Jung Se

4.The Producers (2015)

The Producers (2015) poster

The drama follows the fast-paced world of broadcasting, focusing on the lives and work of individuals in the entertainment division of a television network. Ra Jun Mo, a seasoned producer with many variety show credits, struggles to find success with his own show. Meanwhile, Tak Ye Jin, a former innocent and smart rookie PD, has transformed into a sharp and prideful individual due to the cutthroat competition in the industry. Baek Sung Chan, a rookie variety show PD, gave up a career as a prosecutor for love. The story also follows Cindy, a top celebrity singer who has been in the industry for 10 years, becoming known as an ice princess due to her guarded heart. As the plot unfolds, themes of friendship, family, fame, support, bullying, and betrayal in the broadcasting industry are explored.

Release date: May 15, 2015

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Starring: Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun

5.My Love from the Star (2013)

My Love from the Star (2013) poster

An alien named Do Min Joon has been living on Earth for 400 years since the Joseon Dynasty era. He has extraordinary physical abilities and a flawless appearance. However, he learns that he only has three months left on Earth. During this time, he encounters Cheon Song Yi, a famous Korean celebrity.

Release date: December 18, 2013

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Hae Jin

6.Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) poster

“Thirteen-year-old Heo Yeon Woo becomes the Crown Princess of Joseon after falling in love with Crown Prince Lee Hwon. However, the Dowager Queen plots to have her killed in order to put her own daughter in power. Yeon Woo dies and is resurrected eight years later as a shaman named Wol, with no memory of her past. The king, still mourning for his lost love, begins to uncover the truth behind her death while facing opposition from the queen’s powerful family. Adapted from the novel by Jung Eun Gwol.”

Release date: January 04, 2012

Genres: Historical, Romance, Supernatural, Political

Starring: Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo

7.Dream High (2011)

Dream High (2011) poster

Dream High follows six students at Kirin Art High School as they strive to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. When Go Hye Mi is forced to give up her dream of studying classical music to pay off her father’s debt, she must convince two other students to join her at Kirin Art High School in order to enroll conditionally. These students are Song Sam Dong, who lives in the countryside, and Jin Guk, whom she meets accidentally while trying to escape a loan shark. Hye Mi’s former friend and sidekick, Yoon Baek Hee, becomes her rival at school after Hye Mi betrays her during an audition.

Release date: January 03, 2011

Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Starring: Bae Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taec Yeon

8.Giant (2010)

Giant (2010) poster

The drama follows three siblings, Lee Kang Mo, Sung Mo, and Mi Joo, who were separated as children after their parents’ deaths in a smuggling scheme. Years later, the siblings, now adults, come together and seek revenge against those who caused their suffering.

Release date: May 10, 2010

Genres: Thriller, Business, Romance, Melodrama

Starring: Lee Bum Soo, Park Sang Min, Hwang Jung Eum

9.Father’s House (2009)


In 1988, Kang Man Ho, a stuntman in his 30s, has a one night stand with pianist Lee Hyun Jae. When he discovers he has a son, Man Ho must learn how to be a father and make sacrifices for his child.

Release date: December 28, 2009

Genres: Drama, Family

Starring: Choi Min Soo, Kim Soo Hyun, Moon Jung Hee

10.Jungle Fish (2008)

Jungle Fish (2008) poster

This drama centers around the intense pressure and cutthroat competition of high school life in South Korea, specifically focusing on the issues of cheating and manipulating grades for entrance exams.

Release date: May 05, 2008

Genres: Youth, Drama

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Park Bo Young, Hwang Chan Sung

11.Kimchi Cheese Smile (2007)

Kimchi Cheese Smile (2007) poster

“Two families, one from a humble background and one from a wealthy background, are brought together when their children get engaged. The father of the humble family, Shin Gu, runs a photo studio while the mother, Kim Eul-Dong, takes care of their daughter, Lee Hye-Yeong, who is unmarried at 39. The wealthy family, headed by Seon Woo Eun-Sook, runs a sports center and is known for their love of cheese. As these two families with vastly different values and backgrounds try to coexist, comedic chaos ensues when their worlds collide.”

Release date: July 23, 2007

Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Sitcom

Starring: Shin Goo, Kim Eul Dong, Lee Hye Young

1.Real (2017)

Real (2017) poster

A powerful gang boss in Asia, Jang Tae Young, faces a threat to his new casino when a wealthy underground figure claims ownership. Desperate to keep his casino, Jang looks for a new investor. Shortly after, a stranger with the same name and appearance as him offers to solve his problems, sparking a war between Jang and the underground billionaire. As the truth behind the mysterious investor unfolds, only one can emerge victorious.

Release date: June 28, 2017

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Sung Min, Sung Dong Il

2.Secretly Greatly (2013)

Secretly Greatly (2013) poster

The 5446 Corps, a group of spies trained by North Korean elite special forces, are sent to South Korea disguised as a fool, singer, and high school student. They adjust to life as ordinary neighbors until a secret mission is assigned to them, disrupting their mundane routine. Adapted from a webtoon of the same name.

Release date: June 05, 2013

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo, Park Ki Woong

3. The Thieves (2012)

The Thieves (2012) poster

A group of South Korean and Hong Kong thieves join forces to steal a valuable diamond necklace from a highly secured casino safe in Macau. As the police draw closer, past betrayals and misunderstandings resurface.

Release date: July 25, 2012

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime

Starring: Kim Yoon Seok, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae

4.Worst Friends (2009)

Worst Friends (2009) poster

A short film produced by students from the Korea National University of Arts Department of Film follows the story of a person losing a friend in chaotic Seoul.

Genres: Youth, Drama

Starring: Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Hye Mi, Kim Eun Mi

5.Cherry Blossom (2009)

Cherry Blossom (2009) poster

The short film features Kim Soo Hyun during his time as a student in 2008. It follows Zhang Lina, a Chinese girl who visits Seoul to remember her deceased lover. She meets Han Hyun Min, a Korean student, while searching for an address and they are joined by his brother, Han Hyun Joon. The group spends the day exploring various places in Seoul together.

Genres: Youth, Drama

Starring: Zhang Tian Ai, Shin Jung Yoon, Kim Soo Hyun

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