The Crown Prince Is Gone (2024)

Missing Crown Prince (2024)


Other name: 세자가 사라졌다 / Sejaga Sarajotda / The Crown Prince Has Disappeared / The Crown Prince Is Gone / Исчезновение наследного принца

Synopsis: “Set in the Joseon era, this romantic comedy follows the story of a crown prince who is kidnapped by his future wife. As they flee for their lives, a unexpected romance blossoms between the two. With 20 episodes and a runtime of 60 minutes, the drama airs on Saturdays and Sundays.”


Status: Ongoing

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Missing Crown Prince (2024) trailer

16 Comments to “Missing Crown Prince (2024)

  1. LOL right… I’ve seen him in a bit and he’s acting isn’t even that good. Ye Ji acting is that good either but I’d trust her acting than Su ho but who knows. 20 eps seems too much as well.

  2. possibly 20 episodes, so I doubt it would be “pure romcom”, as I don’t think you could scratch that to 20 hour long episodes, let’s see

  3. I totally agree and hope for this too! I think it will rather be humorous “only” in the first few episodes and then it will take more serious tone.

  4. I always wanted Suho to take on the role of a crown prince in a sageuk like D.O. so this is a wish come true. But I hope the comedy won’t be cringe and it can continue to be interesting and engaging til the last episode. I really hope Suho’s first sageuk can do well!

  5. Hahaha. There is nothing wrong with shaming people a little, depending on the situation. Sometimes they need it (I’m not saying that she does). But she is an ACTRESS. Appearance matters quite a bit. I know she is probably pretty thin, (like I mentioned), but she does look like she has a chubby face, and I don’t find it believable that 2 PRINCE’S would fall in with the same girl if she wasn’t particularly attractive.
    Also, it is perfectly fine to share my opinion and to not exactly like the way she looks! You will be fine.😉

  6. 20 episodes, for me indicates that they will be cover a large political/mystery plot point and have a developed romantic comedy aspect as well. Think Strong Woman Bong Dong Soon.

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