5 Comments to “Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 13

  1. This show is actually so funny… Like the coffee scene..LOL. I look forward to new episodes, good thing we get them 3 days back to back!

  2. Eunho taking revenge on Naeun in his own petty way by trying to ruin her classy image😂…I cannot.

    I am liking the contrast in both their personalities, especially after the body swap. This is really getting better by the episode.

    Also, the male model was seen defending Naeun in the previous episodes so the sudden switch to being a hater is seeming fishy…

  3. I don’t really know if this is a good or bad thing, but the body swap thing didn’t feel like a body swap to me.

    Eunho in Na-eon body especially. Character traits wise, I don’t think he’s this childish? He’s playful and bright, alright, but not this carefree or light-hearted. The way Kim Jieun portrayed the character is kinda different to how Solomon did it. HOWEVER, I quite liked it.

    It makes such a good contrast to Na-eon cold and hateful girlboss character (regardless she’s in her own body or Eunho). So… I’m still very much tuned in!

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Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 13

The Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 13 has not been released yet.

Kissasian updates hourly and will release it very soon. Stay tuned with us for watching the latest episodes of Branding in Seongsu (2024)!

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