Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)

Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)


Other name: 약한영웅 Class 2 / 약한영웅2 / 약한영웅 시즌2 / 脆弱的英雄 2 / 弱美男英雄 2 / Yakhanyeongung Sijeun 2 / Yaghanyeongung Sijeun 2 / Yakanyeongung Class 2 / Weak Hero S2 / Weak Hero Season 2 / Weak Hero 2 / Weak Hero Class Two / Слабый герой 2 / วีกฮีโรคลาส 2

Synopsis: “Once a target of bullies, the weakest students in the school are constantly tormented by the tyrants who run the school. However, the arrival of a mysterious new student, Gray, threatens to disrupt the established order. Despite his small stature, Gray’s strategic and ruthless fighting skills leave his opponents begging for mercy. The toughest bullies now find themselves scrambling to take down this new and unusual hero. Based on the webtoon “Weak Hero” by SeoPass and Kim Jin Seok, this drama consists of 8 episodes with a duration of 60 minutes each and is rated 18+ for its depiction of violence and profanity.”


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56 Comments to “Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)

  1. They’ll hopefully mesh some characters into others or swap them for season 1 characters, for example, Jimmy Bae and Kang Woo-young becoming the same character

  2. So? The characters from season 1 I want in later seasons never even went to the school in season 1. That doesn’t really matter very much.

  3. I don’t think they will be in season 2. Producer already revealed a poster and none of them were in it, although I want them too 😔

  4. I see the moment when Park Ji Hoon shouted 시발 even in my dreams already. I think about that scene at least 5 times in a day, so I’m in a dire need of the second season. CHEBAL.

  5. he doesn’t really play any big role in the webtoon and his character isn’t interesting tbh, he never plays a big role in anything and he just exists as a comedic character which we already have enough of. I don’t think adding him in the show would do any good and he would just take up screentime

  6. even as a webtoon reader, I am still quite excited to watch this regardless of the changes they make, I’m putting my trust on the producers

  7. After finishing DP season 1 and 2, I have very high hopes for the cast of this. Bae Na-ra was amazing as Nina and if he gets a good script playing Donald he could be an top tier k-drama villain. Lee Jun-young, kinda has to do what he always has done I guess. All his bully characters are extremely similar, and I’m not complaining to be honest. In DP his character was incredibly aggressive and crazy, which is what I expect Wolf to be as well. I don’t think I’d mind if other DP cast members showed up here despite being in their mid thirties (like Jung Hae-in and Go Kyung-po), specifically Go Kyung-po rather than Jung Hae-in because of how incredibly qualified he and other cast members are playing massive asshole trash talkers and having worked with the director already lol

  8. I rewatched the ending of weak hero and idk how they’re gonna get Eugene into si sun’s class. the actor playing him wasn’t here in season 1 lol, maybe they’ll just replace the scrawny looking kid who was an extra in season 1 and I believe sat next to si eun with a different actor

  9. if it’s next year I’ll be sad 😔pretty sure I’m the biggest fan of this series at least in the west and they are taking very long to reveal information 😭

  10. other than this comment section I have absolutely nowhere to talk about whc2 lol, it’s unfortunate because I’m really excited for it

  11. same and I stalk the producers instagrams too, it’ll probably be half a year before we even get a trailer 😭

  12. Bro I keep coming back here every day to see if there are new updates or something 😭. Of all the ones I’ve seen it’s my favorite kdrama and I doubt in the future any will top it.

  13. I just JUST finished watching Twinkling Watermelon.. AND I DISCOVER THAT RYEOUN IS GOING TO BE IN THIS DRAMA?? WITH PARK JIHOON?? I LOVED Weak Hero Class 1 and Jihoon has been by far one of my favorite actors and ive come to grow fond of Ryeoun since 18 Again and even more so now after Twinkling Watermelon AND MY JAW DROPPED JUST NOW WHEN I SAW THAT THEYRE BOTH GOING TO BE IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE DRAMAS???!??! WOAH?? Now I REALLY CANNOT wait for this season wow my mind is blown already

  14. I disagree. I don’t think they need to bring S1 characters back or mesh them in that way.

    If anything, I could *kinda*, maybe, see that older guy who was last seen at the police station who said they should get a meal together making an appearance

    But I don’t wanna think too hard on it cause I don’t want to develop expectations.

  15. Anyone who hates the fact that they started with the backstory is a goofy goober. Season 2 now has more budget due to the success of season 1 and the main story will be even better adapted with a better cast. Park Jihoon now has experience playing a serious and aggressive character as well so we will get a better adapted Si-eun

  16. omg it’s youuu i see u everywhere (love the hyunsoo pfp btw <3)


  17. Oh wait no teddy and Gerard and rowan :((
    I hope they don’t omit these characters, they are like the part of the og gang 😭😭

  18. What do you mean tall? Have you already watched dokgo rewind? Or maybe you searched the wrong guy .. I’m talking about Shin Won-ho (1993) he played a character in dokgo rewind as dokgo’s friend (i dont know the name) but he’s small and has a yellow hair

  19. I have as well but the plot of weak hero is very simple and not hard to adapt, and season 1 did a great job so season 2 will likely be just fine

  20. i lost it at the “in a coma” 😹 all his characters always end up in the hospital somehow lmaoo

  21. Dang Ji-Hoon and Min-Young?! Waiting for cute boys interaction 😭. Even they are always side by side in the polaroid pics. This drama is for me literally 😭

  22. I would prefer Teddy over Colton Choi because I think Teddy contributed to the story more than Colton. I love the whole Teddy villain arc with the smashed Cola and the trauma he has after that LOL

  23. Donald Na/Na Baekjin played by Bae Nara is the only notable character with tattoos, if you are talking about one of Si Eun’s classmates that has tattoos they are all insignificant (at least in the webtoon) and are just extras so idk

  24. oh girl don’t compare this to sweet home 2. sweet home s1 is set in the same time period as the webtoon. weak hero class 1 is the back story. class 2 will start exactly where the webtoon starts.

    i have full trust in the creators of this show. sweet home’s writer is known to not handle scripts the best lol. everything in wh season 1 was brilliant. i also have no idea what sweet home s2 was trying to do…it was the fact that it’s a netflix production (whc2 will only be streaming on it, not produced by it). therefore i have complete trust s2 will go brilliant. season 1’s set up and development was far too amazing.

    also they def wont make it romance. there’s just no space for any of that. also the writers make his relationship with his (boy)friend suho very bold and evident, so that’s definitely gonna stay consistent throughout, even tho suho is most prolly only gonna appear in flashbacks this season

  25. what scared me is when they said “weak hero class 2 (working title)” LIKE UH…what else do they want to call it 😭

  26. Ryeoun as Park Hu Min, replacing his father Choi Hyun-Wook as Ahn Su-Ho as the deuteragonist in Season 2? 😅 (Twinkling Watermelon Reference 😉🍉✨)

  27. Imitation is something I want to watch.
    How was May I Help You and Let Me Be Your Knight – storywise?

  28. May I Help You was absolutely adorable and both heartbreaking and heartwarming. I cried my eyes out many times during the show, and I’m not someone that cries easily.

    Let Me Be Your Knight was ok, mostly just a fluffy filler drama. It was cute and funny, but it wasn’t really a stand-out drama for me.

  29. Oh, on MyDramaList they listed the wrong Shin Won-ho. The one from 1993 looks fine for it but can he really play it? I’ve not seen him in anything since Prison Playbook, and that was 6 years ago

  30. i don’t think weak hero 2 will be bad unlike sweet home 2 mostly because this season is the actual plot of the webtoon and there is a lot of material to cover. sweet home 2 on the other hand was completely made up and not covering the webtoon, cause the whole season 1 covered the whole webtoon. netflix making sweet home 2 and 3 is just them being greedy and money hungry. with that being said, weak hero 2 should be pretty good, we’ll just have to see and hope that changes they do end up making don’t ruin the show. also, with the 3 main characters missing, suho is in a coma and he was only present in the those 10ish chapters in the webtoon (basically suho is just sieun’s back story), beomseok is also ONLY in sieun’s back story and the girl never existed in the webtoon, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change that in the show.

  31. that’s literally what I was thinking every role I’ve seen him in (all of us are dead and revenge of others) his characters remind me of Ben

  32. yes you put it so well! this is exactly what i was thinking and trying to say (apparenly im bad with words lol)

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