Queen of Tears (2024)


Other name: 눈물의 여왕 / 淚之女王 / 泪之女王 / Nunmului Yeowang / The Queen of Tears / Дорама Королева слез

Synopsis: Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In are a power couple in the village of Yongduri. Hyun Woo, the respected legal director of Queens Group, and Hae In, the heiress and “queen” of the conglomerate’s department stores, are the envy of many. In the drama “Queen of Tears,” their seemingly perfect marriage is put to the test as they face a crisis that challenges their love and loyalty. With a mix of miracles, thrills, and humor, the couple must overcome all odds to stay together through 16 episodes.


Status: Completed

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  1. This is going to be the drama of the year, I can feel it! But we need a confirmation of the global OTT! Netflix would be stupid to let this slip through its fingers and have it end up somewhere else.

  2. Love the fresh take of having a married couple as the leads–so rare in the romance genre. Looking forward to a different kind of story.

  3. Director of –


    Little Women

    Soundtrack #1


    Screenwriter of –

    The Legend of the Blue Sea

    Crash Landing on you

    My love from stars


    Cast –

    Most loved actor of mdl – Kim Soo Hyun

    Very talented and popular – Kim Ji Won


    What more you need? My soul? Take it…🥰🥰😍😍

  4. why the cast is full of people I like! It’s a feast for me!!
    soohyun, sunghoon, dongyeon, joobin kyaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk!!!~~~

  5. I’m bingewatching Kim Soo Hyun’s dramas and movies while waiting for Queen Of Tears, i hope he will sing a new ost for this drama, i love his song DREAMING from Dream High

  6. Kim Jiwon and kim soo hyun have suffered enough in their previous drama’s, they need a lighter drama for once , atleast they’re both finally playing a rich role.

  7. damn! when will the promotions start? it’s about time already. shouldn’t we be getting at least the script reading contents by now?

  8. I expected this to be the kinda dark and serious one but unexpectedly there’s comedy too and I’m not disappointed.

  9. I am hopeful that they will promote it fairly.The leads are coming in salon drip i heard.And more than 20 days are left.So they can start it now.They will be a fool to let this go under the radar

  10. I was really hoping this was going to be about a happily married couple who support each other through some external crisis. Now the teasers make it look like they are growing apart and more like enemies to lovers (except with an added twist where they are already married). Internal marriage strife is way less of a draw for me. It’s giving “old lovers reluctantly reunite” vibes but without the breakup or divorce part. Readjusting my expectations on this one.

  11. Why not heavily promote this? With a substantial budget and an impressive cast, coupled with the reputable track records of the writer and director, there’s immense potential here. Considering TVN’s weekend drama ratings were notably low last year, this production could soar to become one of the highest-rated TV shows ever.

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  12. I love the leads and I’m glad it doesn’t seem like a typical vanilla romance. I get bored of those quickly.

  13. From the cast I’m guessing It’s a high budget drama but Kim Jiwon’s outfits from the new still are really disappointing

  14. lol… not everyone loves a romcom, and no, dramas with most quality are Drama or Thriller as main genre, you can watch even heavy drama to release stress, not just cringe romcom with bad writing, though this one should be good, weird logic, also… you think King the Land is better than Flower Of Evil? lmao, sorry but this made me laugh, if you can’t handle stress in fictional drama, how you handle it in real life…

  15. Recent updates on Kim Jiwon’s character with those clothes/combines *_* I LOVE ITT Looks like not only her character but also her fashion sense is quite eccentric<3

  16. Why do you think they are adding a caption as ” War of the Century”?
    I don’t think he is a lawyer from a prestigious law school for no reason. He could be anything in the company a business head or marketing manager, but why a lawyer?

  17. sorry for my english )
    he will never be in that situation lol it’s called queen of tears not king lol he will just cry and get bullied by her and her family like all Who wach the drama will find it funny and hilarious like always if the who get mistreated and fl is strong and abuse him and at the end she will give him some respect and tell him she likes him and he will forgive her and continue his role of being the women in there relationship it’s my scenario and I bet on it , they will never make him like they do if a woman in his place get divorce and love a perfect man who will help her to get revenge from her ex husband and family and it’s happy ending that’s just for fls in drama not men lol

  18. Ppl have preferences

    I like both kinds

    Sometimes it nice to have an easy … watch….escape from the cruel world…. nothing is wrong with that

  19. Nah, so dissapointing , tbh i expect the outfits would like Jang manwol or at least ko moon young 😪😪

  20. I don’t think I can watch this drama because the virtual of the leads is gonna be so blinding or maybe I need to get myself nice sunglasses

  21. And, I am interested to see how he rages war against the Queen his boss wife and the Queens group. How is the “War of the century” going to be

  22. Cam someone tell me if this is original or adaptation?

    If adaptation then next question is no divorce or breakup between leads right?

    I mean I am up for bickering.

  23. Its very obvious from the trailer that FL fall out of love after marriage. We got 3ML and 2FL, its very obvious where the plot is going.

  24. I thought it would be like Do do hee’s outfits as they both are ceos but the outfits here are quite old fashioned

  25. The title should be change to Emotional Abuse Relationship. Nothing funny about how FL treat her husband like shit.

  26. The main poster should’ve been released by now!!
    They are really taking a fair amount of time for promotional contents

  27. Really excited to see Kim soo hyun back on my screen after such a long wait, that too with Kim ji won. Casting director really did wonders for this drama.

  28. Just read the character introduction that gives off the idea that both of them really loved each other before getting married while the teasers are pointing towards marriage of convenience. I am getting really confused and impatient waiting for this. Can March 9 come already

  29. they waited so long to release the poster and this is what they came up with? not hating but its pretty bland tbh 😭

  30. I will watch anything with Hong Soo Cheol in it. He plays the best villain, but on top of that his acting is so good.

  31. I’ve struggled to get as into couples in dramas that draw heavily from a couple’s past who dated/were married before in flashbacks (e.g. Our Beloved Summer, Welcome To Samdalri). It feels like you’re missing a piece of the story and can never enjoy their present or become fully immersed in their current love because their past is where everything happened that made them care about each other.

    One drama that managed to successfully (in my opinion) find a way to have former lovers/married couple fall in love again was Go Back Couple. Instead of doing many flashbacks to their “first past,” they sent the characters back to the past to get a chance to “start over.” I liked that it felt like we were starting from square one with them, and only later as they grew closer for the second time did they start showing flashbacks of how much they really cared about each other and why they loved each other so deeply the first time they fell in love (funny that WTS had the same screenwriter as GBC; but I think GBC is the superior drama).

    Curious to see what this drama will do, since the trailer seemed to hint that, again, their past will either be shown very quickly at the beginning to introduce us to them before they dump their dysfunction on us or as flashbacks. So I’m a bit worried about how their romance rekindled in the present will land.

  32. In every promo material they have highlighted that the FL is the queen while ML is the years and I don’t think they would be providing anything further than that atleast before the actual release.

  33. now wait till you get bombarded with questions like, why judging based on teasers …did u watch it already etc etc 😂

    apparently it’s some new rule in dramaland where we are just supposed to shut up until drama airs and say nothing about teasers or posters.

    promos and teasers are meant to be judged in the sense whether we want to see the show or not.

    The attack on people who question the fl and defense for fl is really getting weird in kdramaland.

  34. What !!!

    QOT has action &…. horror ? Okay i need to prep myself. I was just expecting a romcom melo business drama but it seems like they are planning something terrific and shocking !!! 🌜

  35. I’m pretty sure the peeps who have an exam on 9th March are going to watch this later and chill. Good luck to y’all who got exams!

  36. I hope we will get a good married couple story. I am sick of cheating plot when it comes to marriage drama

  37. For me, it’s the way they’re treating this as a comedy when there was so much potential for a serious, heart-wrenching show (which is made all the more interesting given the role reversal). Especially with KSH as ML, he’s a fantastic actor.

  38. So a drama isn’t capable of being multiple genre

    Also a trailers tells us minimal info. I seen plenty of trailers, loved the trailer, watched it and didn’t enjoy it..vice versa

  39. Some people needs to stop judging the drama (Including me) even before the release, You are expecting Melo bcz of the Title, and they showed different version of what we think in the trailer,

    So it’s better for us to wait and watch it

  40. So we can guess now that he want a divorce after 3 years because he is deseperate and afraid, he doesn’t like live that, he married for love but life with her is very dificult.
    For the rest i don’t know maybe she is sick.

  41. Is that a guarantee? I know he did a cameo for Little Women out of respect for the director but isn’t it a one time thing

  42. To be honest iu wouldn’t have fitted, I have seen her dramas she doesn’t have that aura

  43. So IU Reject this drama bcs Hong haein’s char , really looks like another Jang manwol or jmw 2.0 lmao👏👏 before Hong haein there was ko moon young ,.another cheap version of jmw😪, so Jang manwol is really the blueprint in kdramaland ,huh?🤣😅

  44. I am sure it will have plenty of melo and make us cry our hearts out along with comedy and romance in its genre.

  45. Yep, Idk why they are taking this long to complete a Chaebol drama, I know there is a foreign schedule for one month but still it’s already 10th month of Filming they still have 1 or 2 episodes to complete ( one of the cast member said it)

  46. “Queen of Tears” huh, the way I thought that meant FL will cry alot here and be in lot of drama caused by others to her.
    ….but having watched the teaser(&read MDL’s article of the teaser) I think it’s the opposite, she will put OTHER people in pain with her bold strong woman gives no **** persona ha ha! 😆

    Already in love with FL character just from teaser lol. She is Queen of Tears indeed.

  47. i thought it would be a serious drama with a strong mature married couple but the vibe in the trailers seems different , its comedy

  48. some people acting as if the comedy tag will drag the drama’s quality down 😭 (insert meme: so you agree! you view comedy esp in combination with romance as a lesser genre!)
    anyways im here to be silly n goofy, plus the drama can still have its deep and serious moments one just needs to look at literally all the other tags.

  49. Nah her character sounds nice from dongyeon’s character description he marries joo bins character cause she’s the complete opposite of his cold sis haha

  50. Is it just to me that Kim ji won looks more Indian than korean in the recent character Poster. She’s so damn gorgeous!!!🫶🏻

  51. His all female leads are like that, Dream high, MLFTS, IOTNBO, The Producers and Now QOT,

    I think Soo Hyun has a type 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Spot on! Cloy had that nice balance too. Trailers prob just showing comedic snippets for now, good thing it means it’s a less spoiler on the dramatic aspects we could expect.

  53. My Demon is more of an idol drama that gets a lot of popularity and internet traffic on social media, was never quite going to be big in Korea. It’s a bit complicated to classify “big dramas” in different contexts

  54. I caught that but it could mean so many things; if they have a stupid break up and get back together trope, it would still mean that they’ve stayed together in the end

  55. But the threat of that trope is even worst here, if there is an annoying and meddlesome SML and FL becomes tempted then it’s all the worst cuz she is already in a legally committed relationship.

  56. Can’t believe they’re still filming, jheeze atleast we’ll get all seasons on the show.

  57. I expected this to be the kinda dark and serious one but unexpectedly there’s comedy too and I’m not disappointed.

  58. Most people watched it on Netflix. It was the most popular and most-watched romance drama in South Korea in 2020.

    International popularity was huge too , it was nominated for Emmys.

  59. I was surprised IOTNBO viewership ratings in SK wasn’t that high, considering it was KSH comeback drama

  60. Keeping expectations low as every drama I’ve looked forward to has been a disappointment. Also why do I feel like it’ll have a sad ending instead of a happy one?

  61. No the fl and ml are married and then things go downhill for them, they aren’t a happy couple in the present.

  62. I mean if they paid the creatives well, they would. but they don’t & rather rely on the star power, as with most mainstream k-dramas these days.

  63. really curious about all the german stuff here, french american actor sebastion roche will be a german doctor in this, and they even shot scenes in frankfurt (icb i only found out now..) !! …..was ist hier los 🤣

  64. Idk if I like this poster or the one with them on the couch more. They’re both so stunning!! Ahhh ❤️

  65. Please replace the current poster with the one featuring them in black suits; it’s far superior

  66. kim so hyun is good looking guy but he romantically better with only some actress like seo ye ji etc. so I mean that he looks very good with cute and beautiful female actress but not romantically with every actress. On this drama I am 100 percent sure they didn’t look good when they do romantic scenes. Other things are totally beautiful

  67. it should be unless in like the last episode they somehow come to the conclusion that they wont be happy together and divorce. but i doubt that would be the case because this
    seems like a drama where love prevails all and they end up recovering their once lost love

  68. Don’t mind them, probably a jealous shipper lol atleast if the drama aired their criticism would seem valid.

  69. If I had to guess, probably the fact that he comes from a much lower income family line? Hae In’s family is in a completely different class and her marrying someone like that would not be looked upon with good eyes in that world. I’m sure there’s probably something else, but we have no way to know for now..

  70. why do you think they don’t look good even before watching the drama, IOTBNO drama was great and is totally different drama and leads have good chemistry , but that doesn’t mean you need to compare them,as far as we can see the trailer we could see the glimpse of the great chemistry between the leads.

  71. I love even the supporting characters in this drama so much. There is absolutely no reason for me not to watch this drama. Yay~ It’s not long left

  72. Here’s the synopsis:
    “Queen of Tears” will tell the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of this married couple, who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds.

  73. Sure, but if you were to put it into perspective, compared to her family, that’s nothing. Her family is made to be something on the level of the Samsung conglomerate..

  74. Great chemistry yes I agree but not great romance I saw some scenes of them together it is not attractive also the poster of this drama also tells something that smart people understand already what I am saying

  75. Great Observation.
    ” the preparation of the food for the memorial, that’s normally the role of the daughter-in-law. The writers are making a statement while also calling out on the continuous mistreatment or overworking daughter-in-law’s experience but it seems everybody is missing that.”
    This is a great point. And It looks like we can expect a lot of hidden things from this drama. They are making bold statements and it’s great.

  76. Love is a second thing for him atp. Survival is first. So he got a way out of the marriage now so he is happy not because of other person is going to die.

  77. Eps 1=Hyun Woo POV
    Eps 2=Hae In POV

    I like how this drama makes it like that and we can understand them from both sides.

  78. Dropping it, it’s only the star studded cast that made me curious. So far, it is not my cup of tea unfortunately.

  79. What sml did to fl in past?? They where from same college ..they were lovers in college but he did something bad ..I think he will be main villain ..he was so good in psychopath diary drama

  80. his emotions are clearly conflicted, and he focused on getting out of the marriage quickly, not on her death, he wasn’t happy she’s dying, he was happy that he will easily get out of the house and marriage

  81. Expect a lot of character development and a happy ending. This is that type of drama. Tbh the murderous aunt is too over the top, so I guess this won’t be as good as CLOY (same writer).

  82. Actually this is why I liked the premise of this drama – relationships are usually portrayed as love at first sight and happily ever after, when in reality you have really hard to work at your relationship. People often grow distant and cold and rarely want to try to fall in love again. I like to see the work and falling in love again.

  83. Dude, first 2 episodes did really good in Korea. Not really surprising since its headlined by two A-listers but the ratings on here are very polarizing.

  84. I don’t think we’re supposed to care about them together yet. Cause you’re right, we have no reason to root for them yet. That’s what the drama is gonna do. Get us to care about them as a couple. 🙂

  85. imagine if park sung hoon’s character pull the glory situation on haein’s brother family lol the sister in law is so suspicious + she already has a child with soocheol

  86. despite the ML and FL being two of my favorite actors to watch im not vibing with this drama at all? i suspect its because we were thrown into the story with very little backstory to their relationship besides how they met so im not attached to them. we also havent spent much time with them and theres SO many characters and plot points already that i just dont care about them at all? and neither ML or FL are likeable so im not sure if ill even keep watching this. i am so disappointed

  87. I think it will cross more than 2k users rating with in first week, never seen that many people rating a drama within first week

  88. I have to say the first episode caught my attention and I started watching the second episode with the intention of waiting till all episodes are out before watching anymore. I didn’t like the ML’s reaction to the bad news at the start of ep 2 so this made it easy for me to put it on hold till all episodes come off. It was a turn off to see him sleeping so well after she told what she found out. I will watch i when all episodes.

  89. I have watched 534 Kdramas (yes, I have no life). I have NEVER seen a plot like this. This is special. This is fresh. This is NEW! Cherish this as there is rarely something new under the sun. Thank you, Park Ji Eun, from all us married folks who had doubts at some point but found our way back.

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