The Heavenly Idol (2023)


Kim Min-Kyu is a powerful divine being known as Pontifex Lembrary. He is transported to another world and ends up in the body of Woo Yeon-Woo, a member of the struggling idol group Wild Animal. The group was in danger of breaking up because they weren’t very famous. During a live performance on TV, Woo, who is being controlled by Pontifex Lembrary, makes a mistake and the performance is a disaster. But, because of Pontifex’s confident attitude and charm, people start to like Woo and the band becomes popular. Now, Pontifex must navigate life as an idol while also dealing with religious fanatics and the devil he was fighting before.

Also Known As: Pontifex Rembrary , The High Priest Rembrary , Holy Idol

Airs on February 15, 2023


Status: Ongoing

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