The Good Man (2024)

The Good Man (2024)


Other name: 착한 사나이 / Chakhan Sanai / Chaghan Sanai / Kind Gentleman

Synopsis: A drama about the challenges faced by Seok Cheol, the oldest son of a multi-generational gangster family, as he fights to protect his family, career, and love. Through moments of laughter and tears, the show follows Seok Cheol’s journey through tumultuous events. Originally aired on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Status: Upcoming

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21 Comments to “The Good Man (2024)

  1. I just watched “A shop for killers”.. And can’t wait to see Lee Dong Wook and Lee Sung Kyung’s chemistry. Both of them are very nice and tall 😁 LeeLee Couple 🥰

  2. i have a right i just dislike her… not bad way in my comment i never mention her personal things no harsh words use i just simplified myself its not a bully statement i just cleared my opinion about drama and thats my right if i am fan of ML so i have right to express it you can’t stop anyone here just ignore or pass out

  3. I am surprised this has never been part my dream pairings, but now that it is happening I NEED this like yesterday!!

  4. So Lee Sung Kyung role will be the love interest since Ryu Hyeyoung role is a sister of Lee Dongwook

  5. exactly! this is a public space and we can talk about our opinions! You can ignore us if you don’t like it. We are not spreading any hate or posting malicious comment, but just expressing that we are not really fans of her. Is that so concerning to you to give your precious seconds of life to us?!
    Please don’t so so next time! Remember that this is a public forum to express opinions and talk to like minded people. And if others are not crossing line, you should also not do so

  6. why? not everyone that has “bigger/double lid eyes” had surgery… just look at the child actors

  7. Finally, we have news about this drama. The female lead is Lee Sung Kyung. I like her. I thought they will choose the leads close in age but it is alright. I wish we know about her role.

  8. I agree with you, saying “I don’t like” means hate comment. Because it is aimed at personal, not a character in the drama. I once disliked an artist but I never commented. It’s useless to explain because they will make long comments defending themselves. It’s funny that they tell us to ignore it. But their comments spread hatred.

  9. Same here… not hate just dont like her so i just waTch this drama for Oh Na Ra and Lee Dong Wook

  10. Oh 2 of my favorite actors in the same drama … great when does it air is anything out yet ?!

  11. Oh Na Ra & Lee Dong Wook are gonna make me laugh so much lowkey Ryu Hye Young I liked her in Law School <3

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