Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 14

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5 Comments to “Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 14

  1. two episodes left.. other people are really sleeping on this drama.. its so underrated. what more infuriating is this is a fantasy drama that’s why we cannot really know the plot twist.. seo ki joo’s voice over in the end… he said he didn’t realize that someone can curse him again… who may that be?
    mr. baek’s farewell is really heartbreaking.. i really thought he will be able to say goodbye as visitor and have his final picture before going to the netherworld… writer nim really have the string to make us cry..
    up until now i’m still dumbfounded on how can they beat the evil spirits and the evil human beings their facing..

  2. Aw~am glad tht Ki Joo got the closure he needed w his dear beloved uncle..🥺

    Wht the bloody heck LoL!??! The damn bastard survived..!?😳 Serves ya right u a-hole😝 ur dad left u out to dry.🤣😭

    Det. Baek is like tht song fr Bruno Mars, “When I Was Your Man“. He wasn’t bad, he just had a demanding job and probably required a partner who is more independent I guess? Na Rae is too clingy and too affectionate.

    Oh no Det. Baek he really was an honorable man to the end. Na Rae didn’t deserve him.

    PheW looks like it’s a fight until death (literally) for Ki Joo, Bom.. Will Deputy Go be ok?

  3. Mr. Baek’s story is so pitiful, figuring out on his own the resentment is himself for not cherishing his wife as he vowed in their marriage. He wanted to leave without saying goodbye to anyone. Lastly, he sacrificed himself to save Mr. Seo.

  4. I kinda had this hunch, like she is gonna die in his place since the mark and all and seems like its gonna be true.
    But man this one graphics is really bad. like eww bad. So creepy.

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