Begins Youth (2024)

Begins Youth (2024)


Other name: 비긴즈 유스 / 푸른 하늘 / Yuseu / Peureun Haneul / Blue Sky / Youth / Begins ≠ Youth

Synopsis: This drama follows the lives of seven boys as they navigate their school years and personal growth. Each of them is struggling with family obligations, loss, poverty, abandonment, violence, and rejection. Kim Hwan, an outsider and the son of Kim Chang Jun, meets six boys in Songju-si and initially faces suspicion and conflicts due to misunderstandings. However, over time, they become friends and share their problems to help each other heal. As they bond and realize their shared struggles, Hwan begins to genuinely enjoy his time with them and wishes for it to continue. But when his father disapproves of his new friends, Hwan must confront his emotions and stand up for himself for the first time. Based on the webtoon “Save Me” and inspired by BU (BTS Universe), this series consists of 12 episodes with a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes each. It is suitable for all ages and directed by Kim Jae Hong.


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  1. The concern about including real names in fictional stories arises from the possibility that the audience might misunderstand or misinterpret the narrative. The creators are being careful to ensure everyone sees the story for what it is – just a fun, made-up story. They want everyone to enjoy it without getting the wrong idea or thinking it’s something more serious.

    For example, just a few months ago, someone asked in this comment section whether this is their real story or not. So, for fans or those with little knowledge about BTS, it’s evident that this is not their real story. However, considering that the drama will also be watched by general drama fans who may not know BTS or have any idea about the story material, they’ve decided to remove the real names and replace them with the webtoon character names to avoid any future misunderstandings.

    It’s worth noting that people nowadays love to take things out of context, and the creators are proactively addressing this by making these adjustments to maintain a clear and enjoyable viewing experience.

  2. I am 99% sure the only reason it isn’t being released is because of the whole Web 3.0 Distribution thing they’re trying to establish. Instead of releasing it on a streaming platform they’re trying to create their own semi-crypto way of releasing the show, which I’m sure is both hard on the side of the developers and also consumers… I really hoped this show would end up on Disney+ but oh well…🥲

  3. I just found out about it recently by browsing the comment section here, because I wondered why the drama hasn’t aired yet. I also thought since they based it on the webtoon it shouldn’t be a problem. Well…

  4. Ik there was a problem with the characters names and with Covid buttt that was all almost 4 years agoo

  5. Ugh omg😭 thanks for the info. But I’m hoping it just goes to an easy accessible platform like Disney+ !!!

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